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Promises, Promises

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Promises, Promises
Cover illustration for Promises, Promises
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fourth Edition
Abbreviation: PP
Product Type: Scenario
Author(s): David Chart
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: --
ISBN: --
Release date: 1998
Format: PDF, 16 pages
Availability: PDF available; translations for at least four other languages also available.

Promises, Promises is a "Jump-Start Kit" released as a free online download concurrently with the release of Ars Magica Fourth Edition. It is intended to allow a group unfamiliar with Ars Magica to pick up the game, and includes a scenario as well as abbreviated rules and pregenerated characters.

During the scenario, the players - and to a large degree, characters - will be acquainted with the Code of Hermes and especially the prohibitions of swearing fealty to the Church and limitations on selling magic items, to Quaesitors, Redcaps, Final Twilight, and Magic and Divine auras. The scenario sees them dealing with a local abbey to the satisfaction of an uptight Quaesitor.

The kit includes a one page (!) rules briefing, one-page background briefing about the Order of Hermes, as well as handouts of correspondence and pregenerated character sheets.

Reader Comments[edit]

As a free official adventure, Promises, Promises is a natural place to start a first saga or an exploratory game. The adventure introduces a lot of Ars Magica-specific setting content, but centers on the legal limitations of the player characters, threatening them with uber-powerful NPCs (the Quaesitor and Hoplite) and the censure of the entire Regional Tribunal. Unless you are attracted to such a game, it is probably wiser to begin your Ars Magica experience with an adventure that allows the player characters more freedom and does not pressure them so blatantly with Hermetic law. Alternatively, you may wish to modify the adventure to simply include more congeneal NPCs and a less draconic Order. - Yair (talk) 19:37, 2 June 2013 (MDT)

External Links[edit]

The product is available for download at the Atlas Website in a variety of languages, usually as a black-and-white PDF of 16 pages or just over that many.