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Sorcerer's Slave

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The Sorcerer's Slave is a scenario supplement published for ArM2 by Atlas Games

The Sorcerer's Slave
Cover illustration for The Sorcerer's Slave
Product Information
Rules Edition: Second
Abbreviation: SS
Product Type: Scenario
Author(s): Thomas M. Kane
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG3020
ISBN: None
Release date: 1990
Format: Softcover, 32 pages
Availability: Out of print; PDF available

Description and Contents[edit]

The only information we have is its product page.

Community Reviews[edit]

Until about 2005, Project: Redcap solicited product reviews through a Web form. Now, we use the Wiki instead. Here are the comments from the former Project: Redcap site:

FAQ Rating: *** (7 reviews; 1 *, 4 **, 2 ***, 0 ****)

  • Dated now, and can be hard to fit into a game, but a good scenario
  • Pretty good scenario, but premises must be prepared (game) years in advance
  • Adventures in Constantinople and the Black Sea. Only really useful for those who want to go there, and doesn't include much detail.
  • I thought that this supplement was just too short to really be effective.
  • A sort of patchy adventure with lots of holes and insufficiently complex NPC motivations and background. Lots of interesting ideas though.
  • Background on Byzantium and the East is well worth it. Adventure is only so-so.