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The Tempest

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The Tempest
Cover illustration for The Tempest
Product Information
Rules Edition: Second
Abbreviation: Tmp
Product Type: Scenario
Author(s): Stewart Wieck
Publisher: Lion Rampant
Product Number: LR0501
ISBN: None
Release date: 1990
Format: Softcover (original) or PDF (current), 64 pages
Availability: Out of print; PDF available

The Tempest is a full-length scenario (the back cover suggests it is the outline for an entire saga - and the time scale for these adventures is recommended as over "forty to fifty years") described as 'A Saga of a Covenant's Journey from Summer to Winter'.

The current PDF version is presented as Part II of the Four Seasons Tetralogy. Part I is A Midsummer Night's Dream; Part III is A Winter's Tale; Part IV is Twelfth Night

Subject and Contents[edit]

The Tempest introduced a great deal of Hermetic History including the Schism War, House Diedne, Mercurian Magic and has an article on House Flambeau. It also introduced two new spells Claws of the Razor's Edge and Spell Aegis, and creature stats for a Twelve Headed Hydra, Griffin, Whale, Kraken and Dragon among pothers. The cover is by Jeff Menges.

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Related Subjects[edit]

The introduction to the adventure explains how the origins of the Order of Hermes involved the merging of traditions from the Roman-originated Order of Mercury with Druidic knowledge about spontaneous casting of magic. The same subject is further detailed in the Order of Hermes book, also written for the Second Edition of Ars Magica.

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