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Hermetic Arts

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Hermetic Magic is founded on the use of the Hermetic Arts, which can be employed by all Hermetic magi. The 15 Hermetic Arts are subdivided into 10 Forms and 5 Techniques. The Techniques (and their abbreviations) are Creo (Cr), Intellego (In), Muto (Mu), Perdo (Pe), and Rego (Re). The Forms (and their abbreviations) are Animal (An), Aquam (Aq), Auram (Au), Corpus (Co), Herbam (He), Ignem (Ig), Imaginem (Im), Mentem (Me), Terram (Te), and Vim (Vi).

To manifest a magical effect the combination of at least one Technique and one Form is required. The notation of Technique-Form-combinations is usually expressed using the respective Arts' abbreviations, and concatenating the two abbreviations in camel case. This results in four-letter specifications. Requisites, if applicable, are appended in parentheses. For example, CrAu refers to a Creo-Auram-effect, while MuCo(An) would describe a Muto-Corpus-effect with an Animal requisite.

Upon Opening the Arts, a Hermetic apprentice receives a score of 0 in all Arts. The score of an Art can be increased later by acquiring experience points in it, which is typically what a significant part of the apprenticeship is dedicated for. Most magi continue to develop their Arts throughout their lives, and Art scores can reach 40 or higher.

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