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Faerie Magic

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An Outer Mystery that defines House Merinita, Faerie Magic aligns the magus with the Faerie as well as the Magical Realm.

Faerie Magic is a Mystery Virtue that provides the following benefits:

  • Do not gain Warping from high faerie auras.
  • Gain full benefit of Faerie Aura, their magic counted as a faerie power.
  • Access to new Ranges, Durations, and Targets as noted on ArM5 88-89.
  • Do not roll extra botch dice for magic conducted in a Faerie Aura.

In addition, HoHMC added several further benefits to the Canonic Merinita: Arcane Ability (see below) to make Charms, Merinitae casting aids that act as Sympathetic Representation.

  • May bind Faerie Familiars, and may employ faerie cords (see HoHMC 89).

Faerie Magic as an Ability[edit]

In the core ArM5 rules, Faerie Magic is a Virtue, not an Ability. The Faerie Magic Ability appearing on the House Merinita Template on page 27 is a mistake and is listed in the ArM5 Errata. If you are using the core rules only (not the advanced House Merinita rules from HoHMC), substitute another Ability of your choice for "Faerie Magic" on that character Template.

In HoHMC, the Faerie Magic Mystery Virtue grants an Arcane Ability that is also called Faerie Magic. This Ability represents the magus's ability to draw on esoteric faerie mysticism (including faerie symbolism) and use it in his or her magic. The Faerie Magic Ability can substitute for Magic Theory in some circumstances, and complements it in others. See HoHMC, page 88, for the exact rules.

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