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Land of Fire and Ice

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Land of Fire and Ice: The Sourcebook of Mythic Iceland
Cover illustration for Land of Fire and Ice: The Sourcebook of Mythic Iceland
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fourth Edition
Abbreviation: LoFaI
Product Type: Tribunal Sourcebook
Author(s): Mark Shirley and David Woods
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0270
ISBN: 1-58978-032-9
Release date: March 2003
Format: Hardcover, 128 pages
Availability: Unknown; PDF available


Land of Fire and Ice: The Sourcebook of Mythic Iceland is a Fourth Edition sourcebook dealing with the island of Iceland in Mythic Europe. Iceland is considered part of the Novgorod Tribunal.

Player Reviews[edit]

Until about 2005, the original Ars Magica FAQ site solicited reviews of Ars Magica products from the community. The online review submission form is no longer available, but please feel free to edit this page to add your own comments. A synopsis of the survey results for this book is:

FAQ Rating: *** (3 reviews; 0 *, 1 **, 1 ***, 1 ****)

  • Some interesting story ideas, with complicated game mechanics. Not really part of Mythic Europe.
  • In a word, I ADORE this supplement! History, particular habits, indigenous magic and creatures, all are there!
  • Works very well as an alternative location for a saga to move to for short time.
  • I personally loved Victor Filius Pralix. He was a great and interesting character and the story that revolved around him and his feud with the demon Hetep was loads of fun.

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See Also[edit]

  • Icelandic Wars, a free downloadable supplement for Land of Fire and Ice

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