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The Stormrider is an early scenario for Ars Magica Revised Edition. It was a "jump start kit" intended to include everything players needed to get started playing quickly: read-made characters and a brief rules tutorial in addition to the scenario itself.

The Stormrider Jump-Start Kit
Cover illustration for The Stormrider Jump-Start Kit
Product Information
Rules Edition: Revised
Abbreviation: SJK
Product Type: Scenario
Author(s): Mark Rein·Hagen with Jonathan Tweet
Publisher: White Wolf
Product Number: Unknown
ISBN: 0-9627790-3-2 (revised)
Release date: 1989 (original) and 1991 (revised)
Format: Softcover, 64 pages
Availability: Out of print

Subject and Contents[edit]

Cover of the original 1989 Edition
The mysterious Stormrider, a frightening, spectral knight, terrorizes Mistridge and the surrounding countryside when thunderstorms strike. The characters investigate the nature and motives of the Stormrider and look for a way to stop it.

Revised Version (White Wolf)[edit]

The Stormrider was published by White Wolf when it owned the Ars Magica franchise.

Community Reviews[edit]

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FAQ Rating: ** (10 reviews; 2 *, 6 **, 1 ***, 1 ****)

  • Good jump start kit, too linear for experienced gamers.
  • Okay adventure, though the confrontational setup of the party is only usable for convention play IME.
  • A startup kit for the 2nd edition game, it is a fairly solid adventure, with rules and sample characters. You get to face the stormrider again in Return of the Stormrider.
  • The same as the old version, but easier-to-use
  • A ring-through-the-nose adventure for REAL beginners to roleplaying.
  • A basic 'tournament style' introduction to the game, interesting and well-executed within that limited scope.
  • The one time in the history of Gaming where Grimgroth was wrong about anything.

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Too linear
I agree this scenario is too linear for experienced players. A linear scenario isn't as bad as an introduction to the game, especially if the players are not experienced with tabletop games. Two stars (out of 4); there are better scenarios out there. --Andrew Gronosky

Original Version (Lion Rampant)[edit]

The original Stormrider was published by Lion Rampant.

Community Reviews[edit]

FAQ Rating: *** (3 reviews; 0 *, 1 **, 1 ***, 1 ****)

  • OK, just somewhat hard to play with the 2nd Edition rules :-)
  • It's a good introduction to the AM medieval world, the magus, etc. However players tend to feel it's too linear, and that they have no free choice in the action (especially experimented players)
  • A wonderful introducion in the setting, usable for conventions and troupes alike
  • Hotz's illustrations of the PCs were gorgeous pieces of art. Those pictures helped set the tone for the whole game.

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