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Dies Irae (expected January/February 2016) will be the last supplement for the Ars Magica Fifth Edition rules[citation needed]. Atlas Games has stated a desire to publish an Ars Magica Sixth Edition "at some point"[1] but has not made public announcements more definite than that.

ArM5 is and will remain playable indefinitely. The entire catalog of products is still available, in PDF form if not in print.

There are plans for some other game products using the Mythic Europe setting, but not the Ars Magica Fifth Edition rules. Tales of the Quaesitors is one example.

Announced Products[edit]

These are products that have been announced on the Atlas Games Web site.

Dies Irae[edit]

Describes four apocalyptic threats to Mythic Europe. It is slated to be released in January/February 2016, and would be the final product in the Ars Magica Fifth Edition line.

Tales of the Quaesitors[edit]

Tales of the Quaesitors is the working title for an Ars Magica "spinoff" game using the GUMSHOE system. It will be released "not before the second half of 2016."[1]

Frequently-Asked Questions[edit]

Is Ars Magica dead?
A: No! Quarterly product releases for ArM5 have come to an end, but there are already more than enough products to run a saga for years. All of those products are available from Atlas' retail partner, Warehouse 23. The fan community remains active and continues to discuss story ideas, rules, and more through the mailing list and official forum. Fanzines are still being produced with new, unofficial material.
Why is ArM5 ending?
A: David Chart decided that he and the authors had completed the game (ArM5) he set out to produce, and it was time for him to retire from producing Ars Magica[2]
Can one of the authors or playtesters leak details of (upcoming supplement)?
A: In a word, no. Authors and playtesters enter a legally binding non-disclosure agreement with Atlas Games. If one of them were to leak details about a product before it was published, he or she would be hung, drawn, and quartered.

This question seems to come up occasionally on the Mailing Lists and official forum. It's true that several Ars Magica authors are regular posters to both fora, but that doesn't mean they will let anything slip. Sorry.

-Andrew Gronosky


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