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The great majority of Ars Magica products are written by freelance authors, rather than Atlas Games staff. The notable exception is the core rule book itself. Among other benefits, the use of freelance authors ensures a broad talent pool and a steady supply of fresh ideas and perspectives.

Beginning with Fifth Edition, most of the products have been written by two or more authors working together.

No Unsolicited Material[edit]

Since at least the late 1990's, Atlas Games has not been accepting unsolicited material for Ars Magica. The only way to write a supplement for Ars Magica is to be invited to. But there are ways to get invited.

Ways Fans Can Contribute[edit]

Don't despair. If you want to write material for Ars Magica, there are plenty of ways to do it. You just can't generally start by working on a full-length Ars Magica product.

  • You are more than welcome to contribute to this site if you'd like. Original material is gladly accepted -- just please mark it as non- canonical.
  • The Ars Magica Fanzines accept articles from anyone, provided they are well-written
  • From time to time, Atlas Games will put out a call for playtesters. You can help improve the quality of Ars Magica products. Playtesters who establish a record of useful, well-written feedback may be invited to become authors.
  • Atlas Games occasionally announces an Open Call for people to write short pieces to be included in a new Ars Magica product. This is (modestly) paid work, open to anyone. Contributors whose short pieces are particularly good may be invited to write longer pieces for future books.

Breaking In[edit]

Most of the Fifth Edition authors got their start either writing for Fanzines or in an Open Call. If you think you may be interested in writing for Ars Magica, writing a fanzine article can get you started right away, and you'll be able to share your ideas to benefit the Fan Community. Ben McFarland is an example of one author for the line who started writing for Sub Rosa and was later invited to join the authors' pool.

Authors' experience[edit]

In the Arcane Connection (podcast) Episode 5: Writing for Ars Magica, you can listen to CJ talk about his experiences as an author for the line.