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Transylvanian Tribunal

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The Transylvanian Tribunal is the Regional Tribunal that includes modern-day Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the other Balkan states south up to Albania, Macedonia, and northern Bulgaria. It is geographically large, extending from the eastern foothills of the Alps to the shores of the Black Sea.

The Transylvanian Tribunal is bordered on the west by the Roman Tribunal, on the northwest by the Greater Alps Tribunal, on the north by the Rhine and Novgorod Tribunals, and on the south by the Theban Tribunal. See the Map of Mythic Europe.

Current Edition Resources

A sourcebook for the Transylvanian Tribunal Against the Dark was released in January 2013. Author Timothy Ferguson has made his Timeline available on his blog: Timeline. The book describes the Transylvanian Tribunal dominated by House Tremere, but in which other magi may flourish (and are playable). There are only five covenants in the Tribunal, these being more akin to classes of citizenship among the magi there. These are cives, socii, hospites, foederati and coloniae. What are elsewhere called covenants are called oppida in this tribunal. (As such it is perfectly possible for the players to create their own oppidum/covenant in the Tribunal.) The oppida described in Against the Dark are

The tribunal was previously noted in Houses of Hermes: True Lineages 116, 114 as having a small Hermetic presence, dominated by House Tremere but also including nearly half as many non-House magi as guests of the House[1]. See HoHTL. Only one covenant, Coeris, is described - but other large and small Tremere covenants (now oppida) are alluded to. These include Lycaneon, the House's source of amber[2]. The Sundered Eagle reveals the area now the Transylvania Tribunal was until 864 the northern part of the Theban Tribunal, and that book discusses the troubled history between the two tribunals in detail.

Past Edition Resources

In earlier editions, the Transylvanian Tribunal was described only with a half-page of text in Order of Hermes[3]. That out-of-print supplement described it as a haven for magi, a land rich in vis where the Dominion held sway only during daylight and the Magical and Faerie Realms ruled the night. It was described as the fastest-growing Tribunal in the Order because of its rich magical resources. (Note that this portrayal conflicts with more recent canon regarding the Transylvanian Tribunal.)

Transylvanian Sagas

The following saga websites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Transylvanian Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

The covenant of Amurgsval is a fabled place, home of practitioners of the Great Art, the Ars Magica, lost in the mists of time and surrounded by legends of mighty magicks and mystic beer.
Vigil Cavernae

Tremere Magi from Transylvania are stated in the Light of Andorra saga, with each character being presented at different ages. Some magical items too.


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