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This is a list of all Ars Magica products we're aware of, by edition, and the abbreviations Project: Redcap uses to refer to them.

Product Availability[edit]

Distributors may carry print editions of many Ars Magica products long after they are out of stock at the publisher; ask your FLGS if they can order the book you want.

For PDF editions, the authorized seller is Warehouse 23, which offers a catalog of Ars Magica merchandise both on paper and digital media.

Midway through 2014, some Ars Magica digital products (so far only for Ars Magica Third Edition or earlier) became available through DriveThruRPG and its sister site RPGNow as well.

Fifth Edition Products[edit]

Title Abbreviation Type Notes
Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal AtD Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Ancient Magic AM Sourcebook PDF available
Antagonists  ? Character sourcebook PDF available
Apprentices None Sourcebook PDF available
Ars Magica Fifth Edition ArM5 Core rules PDF available
Art and Academe AA Sourcebook PDF available
Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa BSS:MA Tribunal Sourcebook PDF available
Book of Mundane Beasts BoMB Sourcebook free download
Broken Covenant of Calebais (fifth edition) BCoC5 Scenario PDF available
The Contested Isle: the Hibernian Tribunal tCI Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Covenants (Fifth Edition) Cov5 Sourcebook PDF available
The Church TC Sourcebook PDF available
City & Guild C&G Sourcebook PDF available
The Cradle and the Crescent CatC Sourcebook PDF available
Dies Irae DI Scenario sourcebook PDF available
Faith and Flame: the Provençal Tribunal FaF Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Fallen Fane Live-Action Roleplaying FF Scenario PDF available
Guardians of the Forests: the Rhine Tribunal GotF Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Grand Tribunal GTBG Board Game Board game based on aspects of the role-playing game; unlikely to be released as a PDF
Grogs None Sourcebook PDF available
Hedge Magic Revised Edition HMRE Sourcebook PDF available
Hermetic Projects HP Sourcebook PDF available
Hooks Scenarios Sourcebook PDF available
Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults HoHMC Sourcebook PDF available
Houses of Hermes: Societates HoHS Sourcebook PDF available
Houses of Hermes: True Lineages HoHTL Sourcebook PDF available
Lands of the Nile LotN Sourcebook PDF available
Legends of Hermes LoH Character sourcebook PDF available
The Lion and the Lily: the Normandy Tribunal LatL Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Lords of Men LoM Sourcebook PDF available
Magi of Hermes MoH Character sourcebook PDF available
The Mysteries Revised Edition TMRE Sourcebook PDF available
Realms of Power: the Divine RoPD Sourcebook PDF available
Realms of Power: Faerie RoPF Sourcebook PDF available
Realms of Power: the Infernal RoPI Sourcebook PDF available
Realms of Power: Magic RoPM Sourcebook PDF available
Rival Magic RM Sourcebook PDF available
The Sundered Eagle: the Theban Tribunal tSE Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Tales of Mythic Europe ToME Scenario PDF available
Tales of Power ToP Sourcebook PDF available
Thrice-Told Tales Scenario Sourcebook PDF available
Through the Aegis: Developed Covenants Sourcebook PDF available
Transforming Mythic Europe Sourcebook PDF available

Fourth Edition Products[edit]

Title Abbreviation Type Notes
Ars Magica Fourth Edition ArM4 Core rulebook free download
The Black Monks of Glastonbury BMoG Scenario PDF available
Blood and Sand: The Levant Tribunal BaS Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
The Bishop's Staff BS Scenario PDF available
Cause and Cure CaC Scenario PDF available
The Covenant of Tarragon Vale CoTV Sourcebook free download
The Dragon and the Bear: The Novgorod Tribunal DatB Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Faerie Stories FS Scenario Digital version available
The Fallen Angel FA Scenario PDF available
Festival of the Damned FotD Scenario PDF available
Hedge Magic HM Sourcebook PDF available
Heirs to Merlin: The Stonehenge Tribunal HtM Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
The Icelandic Wars Sourcebook free download; supplement for Land of Fire and Ice
Kabbalah: Mythic Judaism KMJ Sourcebook
Land of Fire and Ice (Mythic Iceland) LoFaI Regional sourcebook Digital version available
Medieval Bestiary Revised Edition MBRE Sourcebook PDF available
A Medieval Tapestry: Personalities of Mythic Europe MT Sourcebook PDF available
Living Lore LL Scenario PDF available
The Mysteries TM Sourcebook
Mythic Seas MS Sourcebook PDF available
Nigrasaxa none Free Scenario PDF available from the Publisher's site
Ordo Nobilis: Mythic Europe's Nobility ON Sourcebook PDF available
Parma Fabula: The Ars Magica Storyguide's Screen PF Play aid Digital version available
Promises, Promises PP Free Scenario PDF available from the Publisher's site
The Return of the Stormrider RotS Scenario PDF available
Sanctuary of Ice: The Greater Alpine Tribunal SoI Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Secrets in Sand SiS Sourcebook free download
Triamore: the Covenant at Lucien's Folly TtCaLF Scenario PDF available
Ultima Thule: Mythic Scandinavia UT Regional Sourcebook PDF available
The Wizard's Grimoire, Revised Edition WGRE Sourcebook PDF available

Third Edition Products[edit]

Title Abbreviation Type Notes
Ars Magica Third Edition ArM3 Core rulebook
Black Death BD Scenario PDF available
Deadly Legacy DL Scenario PDF available
Faeries, Revised Edition FRE Sourcebook PDF available
Houses of Hermes HoH Sourcebook PDF available
Lion of the North: The Loch Leglean Tribunal LotN Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
The Medieval Handbook Sourcebook Last of the White Wolf Ars Magica Supplements; also published by Wizards of the Coast
The Maleficium Mal Sourcebook PDF available
A Midsummer Night's Dream MND Scenario PDF available
Mistridge none Scenario PDF available
More Mythic Places MMP Scenario PDF available
Mythic Europe ME Sourcebook PDF available
Mythic Places MP Scenario PDF available
Pax Dei Sourcebook PDF available
Shamans the Hidden Paths StHP Sourcebook PDF available
Storyguides Screen none Play aid
The Stormrider: Jump Start Kit SJK Scenario PDF available (3rd Edition version)
Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia ToHI Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Tribunals of Hermes: Rome ToHR Tribunal sourcebook PDF available
Twelfth Night TN Scenario PDF available
The Wizard's Grimoire

Second Edition Products[edit]

Title Abbreviation Type Notes
Ars Magica Revised Edition ArM2 Core rulebook PDF available
Broken Covenant of Calebais (revised edition) BCoC2 Scenario Out of print
Covenants none Sourcebook PDF available
Faeries: A Complete Handbook of the Seelie none Sourcebook PDF available
The Medieval Bestiary MB Sourcebook Out of print
Order of Hermes OoH Sourcebook PDF available
Pact of Pasaquine PoP Scenario PDF available
Saga Pack SP Play aid PDF available
The Sorcerer's Slave SS Scenario PDF available
South of the Sun SotS Sourcebook PDF available
The Stormrider: Jump Start Kit SJK Scenario PDF available (3rd Edition version)
Tales of the Dark Ages TotDA Scenario PDF available
The Tempest Tmp Scenario PDF available
Trial by Fire TbF Scenario PDF available
Winter's Tale WT Scenario PDF available

First Edition Products[edit]

Title Abbreviation Type Notes
Ars Magica (First Edition) ArM1 Core rulebook
Bats of Mercille none Scenario PDF available
Broken Covenant of Calebais BCoC1 Scenario PDF available
Whimsy Cards none Play aid


Core rules
The essential rules for the game. This refers only to the main rule book, so there is only one "core rules" product for each edition.
Character sourcebook
A book that focusses on describing sample characters in greater detail.
A published adventure (also called a story) or set of stories
A game supplement that expands the rules, the setting, or (usually) both, and doesn't fall into another category
Tribunal sourcebook
A book that is concentrates on setting information about one Regional Tribunal, or part of a Tribunal (such as just Russia or just Scandinavia)
Play aid
Something for Ars Magica that isn't a book -- gamemaster's screen, cards, etc.

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